El Vendrell has a large expanse of beaches as well as a wide variety of natural and cultural routes to discover.
El Vendrell has seven kilometers of beaches in the maritime neighborhoods of Sant Salvador, Coma-ruga and El Francàs, which are one of the main tourist attractions. The coast is low and straight and consists of beaches of fine sand.
In addition, it is the starting point for a large number of natural, gastronomic, cultural, oenological routes … From the history of Pau Casals to a wine tasting in the area, by foot or by bicycle, Baix Penedès is a delight to nature, history or culture lovers.

Masia Blanca marine reserve. In order to protect exceptional rugged bottoms -in an area dominated by sand and mud formed by a circumference of 0.2 miles in diameter- it is situated next to the port of Coma-ruga.

Masia Blanca aquatic classroom. An informative exhibition on the marine reserve which, accompanied by a documentary, expands our knowledge about sustainable tourism and nature.

Estany and Riuet hot springs, located on Coma-ruga beach. Spring water borns in an upwelling of calcareous rocks of the mass of Bonastre and descends to enough depth by the faults that delimit the tectonic mass grave of the Penedès. When it reaches Coma-ruga, it spontaneously springs to the surface. Currently, spring water is channeled to an outer ornamental fountain, from where it passes to the Riuet, which ends at the beach.

Pau Casals Auditorium. Located in the maritime district of Sant Salvador, in front of Vil·la Casals, it is an equipment in the service of music and culture. It stands out for the annual musical program, divided in different cycles, and that has like protagonist to the International Festival of music Pau Casals. Through him, performers from around the world come and provide a broad perspective that cares for the same interest in the local and regional musical activity and auditions for schoolchildren.

Vendrell beaches. Located on the Daurada coast, 3.5 km from the center, beaches of the maritime districts of Sant Salvador, Coma-ruga and Francàs are particularly healthy due to the high iodine content and water quality. They are considered the best in Catalonia and, since 1988, awarded the Blue Flag.

Historical architecture. The Paseo Marítimo de Coma-ruga still retains some nineteenth-century houses and the old aguardiente stores. On Sant Salvador beach there is a hermitage, almost millennial building, which is considered the oldest building in the municipality. In the urban nucleus can be found the Torre del Cintoi, possible origin of Vendrell nucleus, dated around the year 1037.

Local gastronomy, based on the products grown in the area, is large and rich. The main crops are the vineyard, olive, almond, hazelnut and horticultural products and, thanks to the harmonious set of sea and mountain that forms the Baix Penedès, also stand out the products of the sea. The most outstanding products are xató, coca enramada, rostada, bufats, resolis and, in general, oils, wines and cavas with origin denomination.

Physical and sports activity. El Vendrell environment and coast becomes an unbeatable place to practice sports at all levels, as well as for any physical activity. Mediterranean climate allows enjoying these possibilities throughout the year.

Coma-ruga Marina. It is located in the old wetland area and is managed by Coma-ruga Yacht Club. It manages a sailing school with boat rentals and a sport fishing section that organizes departures and tournaments throughout the year.

Las Madrigueras. Las Madrigueras wet area is the last free area of ​​urbanization at the sea level of the Baix Penedès and is a place of habitual passage of numerous species of migratory birds.